Friday, July 27, 2007

What I'm Diggin: Stockholm StreetStyle

Remember when The Sartorialist was relevant? I feel like he now only seems to take pictures of well dressed grandfathers, totally losing his youthful appeal. I have moved on (but haven't lost all hope) and now am all about Stockholm StreetStyle.

To be quite honest, i'm not even sure what language it is or how to read it (help, anyone?). All I know is that the people this website captures are so hip, stylish, and inspiring. It is great to see real people taking the time to look good even if they are just running errands. Oh, thats another reason why The Sartorialist bothers me. Obviously people at fashion shows, gallery openings, etc etc are going to look good! It's seeing real people doing ordinary things (and looking good while doing it) that makes sites like these so exciting...and StockHolm Streetstyle does exactly that.

*Pictures from Stockholm Streetstyle

Get It: Sidekick Slide

Every summer holds anticipation for the release of the newest Sidekick and this summer is no exception. With a sleeker and even smaller interface the Sidekick Slide is sure to make a bang with it's release in late August (or so insiders think). But as for me, I think the Sidekick era is over. BlackBerrys seem to be the mobile of choice these days, however until BlackBerrys become AIM capable for the younger crowd I won't be completely sold. Until then, I can only anticipate the release of the Sidekick Slide. Apparently this version of the Sidekick now supports EDGE data (faster internet), a higher resolution screen, and alas, the screen slides open instead of flips.

The Sidekick Slide is not considered to be the Sidekick 4, instead another edition will be released which is rumored to be called the "Sidekick Shurken" aka the "Sidekick 4"...but no specific information on that just yet.

*Pictures and information from The Boy Genius Report

Monday, July 23, 2007

Get It: Heritage 1981

Now that I am back in Guilderland I no longer have endless boutiques and stores available to me as they were in NYC. But I will not fret, for I have discovered a lil gem amongst a pile of bleak and dusty stones here in Guilderland: Heritage 1981...also known to some as the men's department of Forever 21.

I almost never come out of "Heritage" empty handed, which isn't at all a bad thing considering their ridiculously low prices. Catch a sale and you might find yourself the new owner of incredibly stylish $11 jeans, $5 button downs, and $3 tees.

They update their website every day so I wasn't able to post my most favorite, but here are some pieces that I enjoy:

Tee $14, Jeans $30, Cardigan $15, Vest $19

*Pictures from

Paper Send Off

Friday was my last day at Paper and I cannot even begin to describe how fast time went! It is hard to believe I was there for a full two months. Like most people who spend a good chunk of time in NYC; I got hooked! I definitely would like to move there post college and starting today I will be accepting applications for roommates, interested?

My final days at Paper (that sounds so depressing) were very busy. I am glad I was able to work within the Marketing dept bc they almost always had something for me to do. I finished up a hefty project in which I compiled a binder full of Paper invites for the Marketing dept's use in meetings with clients. Friday was also Blaire's last day, or who I like to call "the face of Paper" (check out the link for my reasoning)....I told her I would not be upset if she stole my 'last day thunder'. I also got to check out the photos from the two day photoshoot I worked with Bill Durgin. The images are amazing and I'll be sure to link you when they come out. At the end of the day I had a good send off that wrapped up the experience quite nicely.

Friday night I celebrated my last day in NYC by going to a Paper TV party at Orchard Bar. Very crowded, but I was glad to see all of the lovely Paper people one last time before I left. I was interviewed by Emily for Paper TV and if I make an appearance I'll be sure to link you here.

Now I am back in Guilderland for the remainder of the summer, but I have good news! I have full intent on updating this blog, even though its primary purpose was to record my experience as an intern. If you haven't already noticed I have started a bunch of new features including "What I'm Diggin", "Get It", and "It's OVER!".

So keep checking back often!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rihanna Issue

Everybody be sure to check out the August issue of Paper featuring Rihanna.

You can find me listed as a marketing intern on page 22, as well as page 41 where I am credited for my hard work at the Aneesa Ramsey photoshoot.

ps- ONTD'ers think Rihanna is having a wardrobe malfunction on the cover. I totally see it.

It's OVER: The Fedora Hat

The only person I have seen make a fedora hat look good is Mary-Kate Olsen...about five months ago. While the trend has grown tremendously since then, I think it is safe to say that the general public does not look good in them. So put those 'doras in the back of your closets and only take them back out for those special days at the races (make sure to put some feathers in them to make them extra fancy), because the fedora hat is officially over.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Get It: The Boot

Move over "classic vans", "the boot" is coming through.

I am in love with boots like these...and since yesterday I have been a proud owner of a pair of my own. Hipsters will be all over these in the upcoming months. Perfect with a pair of skinny jeans or short shorts.

You can find a pair of your own at JCrew, Clarks, or Ben Sherman.

*Photo from

One Week Left

Only one more week left in the city.

Will I miss it? Yes

Do I want to stay here forever? Yes, but only if I had loyal friends here with me.

Do I want to live here after college? Sure do!

Was interning at PAPER everything I expected? Very close

Would I want to work at a company like PAPER/PAPER itself? Yes!

My favorite thing I did in the city? Annex

And there you have it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Intern-al Affairs

I've been legitimized...

Comment ya'll!

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Playlist: Songs of the Summer...and the hits of the future

my songs of the summer for your listening pleasure (and also so i have proof that i loved them way before the rest of the world did...i was into then over "rehab" by january ya'll)

1. Cassie- "Sometimes"
2. Just Jack- "Stars in their eyes"
3. Spank Rock- "Lindsay Lohan
4. Out Hud- "It's for you"
5. Mark Ronson- "Stop Me"
6. Rihanna- "Lemme get that"
8. One Republic- "Apologize"


Why'd ya wanna go and put stars in their eyes?

Two day photoshoot is finally over. Lots of fun, amazing clothes. The photographer was Bill Durgin. He has great ideas and great vision, check out his website...