Monday, June 25, 2007

Party like a rock...

NYC has been treating me well.

I took on a new day at Paper, so I will be interning Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from now on. They have me working in the marketing department which is perfect and I am really enjoying it. Next Sunday and Monday I will be working a photoshoot in Brooklyn which should be a lot of fun.

The past few days have been pretty exciting. Friday Kat and I went to The Annex. Fellow Paper person Mike Nouveau (who is awesome, btw) was DJ-ing and so many "power hipsters" (as I have dubbed) were in attendance. Lots of fun.

This weekend Rachel came to visit! We ventured over to Canal St, a typical tourist destination for some hardcore bargaining action. Yesterday we went to Greenwich Village for some more shopping action at Marc Jacobs.
Rachel enjoying the only nature in NYC
Look at me, channeling Lisa apparently

Today my goal was to get a haircut. After walking everywhere to find the hair salon I had in mind I finally found it only to realize it was CLOSED. My trek wasn't completely useless however, for Joshua Jackson bumped into me while trying to enter a bank!

It is about time!

More blogging soon.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well I have been busy busy busy lately.

Saturday I was excited to get out of the city for my weekend trip to Connecticut for Emily's big birthday bash. It was so much fun and it was so good to see everybody from Marist. It made me very excited for next year!

Monday I ventured over to Chelsea and the Meatpacking District to check it out. I found out their was not much to see, other then Maggie Gyllenhaal walking her baby down the street, sweet!

Tuesday I decided to get my culture on and visit the Museum of Natural History. I vaguely remember visiting it back in middle school so it was definitely time for another visit. I can't get enough of that kind of stuff. Below is a frightening conversation I had with a random lady in the "Primitive Humans" section of the museum, while we were gazing upon a life sized ice-aged man:

Random Lady: Oh my god, I had no idea monkeys were so human like!
Me: That is because that is not a monkey, it's a primitive human.
Random Lady: No, humans were created by God.

Ugh, I had to walk away.

Afterwards I met up with Kari from Marist who is interning at Calvin Klein this summer. We had dinner at the “Coffee Shop” and the food was decent. We were excited about the wait-staff who we heard consisted of bitchy yet hot models and actresses. Let me just say that they definitely delivered.

Yesterday I worked the Collette Luncheon at Indochine for Paper. We began the day by preparing gift bags that included Havaianas flip flops, Marc Jacobs condoms and pens, Altoids, a Pink Martini CD, and the June/July issue of Paper. I then helped out at the front door by giving people their seat assignments. I became a little star-struck when the Misshapes, Michael Musto, Luigi Tadini, and Richie Rich from Heatherette (among many others) had arrived. After everyone had seated I was able to chill out for a little and get my picture taken by THE COBRASNAKE! Check that off the “Life List” (well, as long as my picture is posted on the site). While people were leaving fellow intern Eloise and I handed out the gift bags to the very thankful guests. Richie Rich from Heatherette stopped to talk to us and I declared my love for his label. He then gave me his info to contact him about future work, nice!

Here are some pictures of the event courtesy of The Cobrasnake:

Me and Eloise

Eloise, cobra's new muse

The crowd

A Misshape

Ice Cream truck

Ps- Eloise got the Cobrasnake guy’s number. Watch out for her as she becomes the next Cory Kennedy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh

Apparently this blog is much more popular than I anticipated. I'd like to welcome all of my readers, and I hope you enjoy it!

I guess I will start where I left off.

Not having anything to do on saturday, I decided to dress up in my "sunday best" and venture to Madison Avenue. There was no way I was leaving this city without checking out the new Tom Ford store. I had read its review in The New York Times and was prepared to feel 2 feet tall. Although I didn't exactly feel right at home (I think only a multi-million dollar a year income would help with that) I was welcomed with a smile, and ultimately was quite impressed (especially with the interior design). Would somebody like to lend me $3,800 for a night robe?

Sunday Marisa came to visit! It rained ("Oh baby it's raining!"..."You can stand unda ma umbrella!" was heard by the crowd...and by crowd I mean me) and Marisa managed to get green slime all over her toes. We still aren't quite sure how, but my guess: goose poop. Marisa came with her friend Alison who goes to NYU, and our friend Nick from Marist also made an appearance. It was nice to see some familiar faces!

Monday I went to the movies with fellow intern Kat and we saw Knocked Up. It was the best comedy I have seen in a really long time. Also, who knew the movies would be ridiculously crowded on a monday night??

Tuesday was filled with anxiety. I can't say much, but it involved an interview, a favorite blog, and lots of pretty faces. I need it, I must get it!

Today was another fun day at Paper! I could not be happier with my internship, even with a certain age restriction and a certain 21st birthday not occurring until August 14th. Today I helped out in the advertising department by researching the companies that will be attending the United Trade Show, as well as helped out Ryan with last minute prep before his trip to LA. I also ran a few errands and met a few new fellow interns. I'm learning so much about the magazine industry and it is definitely where I see myself in the future.

In tradition with ending my posts by mentioning a delicious treat I have eaten, I'd like to inform everybody that I visited the Magnolia Bakery and indulged in a delicious $2 cupcake. Well worth it if you ask me.

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Okay let me give you the run down. Unfortunately I already find myself neglecting this thing, but i'm not sure what you guys would find interesting/exciting to read.

So I moved in on Tuesday afternoon. I was totally not looking forward to the move, expecting lots of traffic and a nearly impossible move carrying everything into the dorms. I had so much stuff (as always). Fortunately everything went very smoothly. We didn't hit any traffic, and my residence hall provided these carts that I could dump my crap into and roll into my room. I met my roommates, who seem pretty cool, and my room itself is quite...roomy! Here is a shot of my lovely view of the Manhattan skyline...or not.

Wednesday was my first day at Paper. Filled out paperwork with a fellow new intern, Kat, and was immediately givin an intense garment run (which basically entails picking up or dropping off clothing from different showrooms). My first run was to Ports 1961 and it took a while to get there, involving use of both the subway AND a bus. I managed to get on two wrong buses, and during my confusion/freakout I passed Laura from project runway. I also made a garment run to the H&M showroom, and got a sneak peak at the upcoming fall collection.

Afterwards I ate lunch with Mr. Mickey. I also was able to introduce myself to both Kim and David. The intern director asked me if I would be interested in attending a photoshoot on Thursday, in which I immediately responded, YES PLEASE!

Thursday I worked the photoshoot all day. It was a lot of fun, and was not as much work as I expected. My biggest and most important job was to roll the garment trunks into the shoot. The shoot was for Aneesa Ramsey who is in a new movie called The Signal. She was incredibly nice and reminded me of Jamie Pressly. I met and chatted with the stylist and photographer, and later I convinced Aneesa to wear this "Olsen" inspired outfit. They did three different sets, and I really hope Mr. Mickey uses a picture with the outfit I pushed.

Yesterday (Friday) was another busy day at Paper. I was asked to help out the promotions department. Later I was sent on another garment run to the Benetton showroom. I was informed that the interns will be responsible for the Cornered Style section of, involving us taking pictures of well-dressed hipsters on the street, The Sartorlialist style. I ended the day going to Pinkberry with fellow intern Kat, which was MmmMmm delicious! Everybody sing "Sorry ice cream, I'm on my way to Pinkberry!"

ps- Check out the new June/July issue of Paper with Rufus Wainwright on the cover. My name is listed on either page 9 or 11 as a contributing magazine intern!