Saturday, June 2, 2007


Okay let me give you the run down. Unfortunately I already find myself neglecting this thing, but i'm not sure what you guys would find interesting/exciting to read.

So I moved in on Tuesday afternoon. I was totally not looking forward to the move, expecting lots of traffic and a nearly impossible move carrying everything into the dorms. I had so much stuff (as always). Fortunately everything went very smoothly. We didn't hit any traffic, and my residence hall provided these carts that I could dump my crap into and roll into my room. I met my roommates, who seem pretty cool, and my room itself is quite...roomy! Here is a shot of my lovely view of the Manhattan skyline...or not.

Wednesday was my first day at Paper. Filled out paperwork with a fellow new intern, Kat, and was immediately givin an intense garment run (which basically entails picking up or dropping off clothing from different showrooms). My first run was to Ports 1961 and it took a while to get there, involving use of both the subway AND a bus. I managed to get on two wrong buses, and during my confusion/freakout I passed Laura from project runway. I also made a garment run to the H&M showroom, and got a sneak peak at the upcoming fall collection.

Afterwards I ate lunch with Mr. Mickey. I also was able to introduce myself to both Kim and David. The intern director asked me if I would be interested in attending a photoshoot on Thursday, in which I immediately responded, YES PLEASE!

Thursday I worked the photoshoot all day. It was a lot of fun, and was not as much work as I expected. My biggest and most important job was to roll the garment trunks into the shoot. The shoot was for Aneesa Ramsey who is in a new movie called The Signal. She was incredibly nice and reminded me of Jamie Pressly. I met and chatted with the stylist and photographer, and later I convinced Aneesa to wear this "Olsen" inspired outfit. They did three different sets, and I really hope Mr. Mickey uses a picture with the outfit I pushed.

Yesterday (Friday) was another busy day at Paper. I was asked to help out the promotions department. Later I was sent on another garment run to the Benetton showroom. I was informed that the interns will be responsible for the Cornered Style section of, involving us taking pictures of well-dressed hipsters on the street, The Sartorlialist style. I ended the day going to Pinkberry with fellow intern Kat, which was MmmMmm delicious! Everybody sing "Sorry ice cream, I'm on my way to Pinkberry!"

ps- Check out the new June/July issue of Paper with Rufus Wainwright on the cover. My name is listed on either page 9 or 11 as a contributing magazine intern!

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Kari said...

Sounds very cool! And oh my goodness, I need to try some pinkberry!!!