Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh

Apparently this blog is much more popular than I anticipated. I'd like to welcome all of my readers, and I hope you enjoy it!

I guess I will start where I left off.

Not having anything to do on saturday, I decided to dress up in my "sunday best" and venture to Madison Avenue. There was no way I was leaving this city without checking out the new Tom Ford store. I had read its review in The New York Times and was prepared to feel 2 feet tall. Although I didn't exactly feel right at home (I think only a multi-million dollar a year income would help with that) I was welcomed with a smile, and ultimately was quite impressed (especially with the interior design). Would somebody like to lend me $3,800 for a night robe?

Sunday Marisa came to visit! It rained ("Oh baby it's raining!"..."You can stand unda ma umbrella!" was heard by the crowd...and by crowd I mean me) and Marisa managed to get green slime all over her toes. We still aren't quite sure how, but my guess: goose poop. Marisa came with her friend Alison who goes to NYU, and our friend Nick from Marist also made an appearance. It was nice to see some familiar faces!

Monday I went to the movies with fellow intern Kat and we saw Knocked Up. It was the best comedy I have seen in a really long time. Also, who knew the movies would be ridiculously crowded on a monday night??

Tuesday was filled with anxiety. I can't say much, but it involved an interview, a favorite blog, and lots of pretty faces. I need it, I must get it!

Today was another fun day at Paper! I could not be happier with my internship, even with a certain age restriction and a certain 21st birthday not occurring until August 14th. Today I helped out in the advertising department by researching the companies that will be attending the United Trade Show, as well as helped out Ryan with last minute prep before his trip to LA. I also ran a few errands and met a few new fellow interns. I'm learning so much about the magazine industry and it is definitely where I see myself in the future.

In tradition with ending my posts by mentioning a delicious treat I have eaten, I'd like to inform everybody that I visited the Magnolia Bakery and indulged in a delicious $2 cupcake. Well worth it if you ask me.

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marisa said...

if only there was a picture to document my green slimed toes for your blog. i'm sure the readers would be interested in seeing that beauty.