Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cheap Look

Retro Dash Polo, Heritage 1981
Jonathan Straight Leg Jean, Heritage 1981
Stradlater Boat Shoe, Urban Outfitters

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spotted: James Franco & Rachel Bilson

James Franco and Rachel Bilson were spotted by Misshapes at the Whitney Art Party in NYC.

*Pictures from Misshapes

Modelology: Cole Mohr for Marc by Marc Jacobs

Loving the new Marc by Marc Jacobs ad-campaign featuring Modelologite Cole Mohr.

*Pictures from TheFashionSpot

The Playlist: Burnin' Up

It's good to let one's inner-tween come out every once in awhile.

Runway: S2VS

I'm not sure why it took me so long to find out about S2VS, but I'm certainly glad I did. Love the Spring/Summer 2008 lookbook featuring hipster photo celeb, Adrian. Below are my favorite looks:

*Pictures from

Modelology: Simon Nessman for Givenchy

Former Modelologite Simon Nessman is the face for the new Givenchy Fall 2009 campaign. Keep rockin, Simon!

What I'm Diggin: MISSHAPES

Just like JADED, MISSHAPES.COM took a fairly long hiatus, but it's back! The site has a bunch of new features and they have even brought back the photo archives. I particularly like the new blogs, with one written by fellow former PAPER intern Jordan. Check it out!

*Screencap from


The lollerskates were a'rollin with this one.


You may have noticed I took a break from this blog. I apologize. I was super busy and updating this blog slowly moved farther and farther down my list of things to do. I had a plan in my head to retire this blog exactly a year after it started, but I didn't even have the motivation to do that!

I think many of you will be happy to know I have caught a second wind, and I plan on rejuvenating this blog back to what it once was. This means more fashion, more spotted celebs, more models, and more inside scoop that I know you all enjoy!

Thanks for sticking with me,