Friday, July 27, 2007

Get It: Sidekick Slide

Every summer holds anticipation for the release of the newest Sidekick and this summer is no exception. With a sleeker and even smaller interface the Sidekick Slide is sure to make a bang with it's release in late August (or so insiders think). But as for me, I think the Sidekick era is over. BlackBerrys seem to be the mobile of choice these days, however until BlackBerrys become AIM capable for the younger crowd I won't be completely sold. Until then, I can only anticipate the release of the Sidekick Slide. Apparently this version of the Sidekick now supports EDGE data (faster internet), a higher resolution screen, and alas, the screen slides open instead of flips.

The Sidekick Slide is not considered to be the Sidekick 4, instead another edition will be released which is rumored to be called the "Sidekick Shurken" aka the "Sidekick 4"...but no specific information on that just yet.

*Pictures and information from The Boy Genius Report

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