Friday, July 27, 2007

What I'm Diggin: Stockholm StreetStyle

Remember when The Sartorialist was relevant? I feel like he now only seems to take pictures of well dressed grandfathers, totally losing his youthful appeal. I have moved on (but haven't lost all hope) and now am all about Stockholm StreetStyle.

To be quite honest, i'm not even sure what language it is or how to read it (help, anyone?). All I know is that the people this website captures are so hip, stylish, and inspiring. It is great to see real people taking the time to look good even if they are just running errands. Oh, thats another reason why The Sartorialist bothers me. Obviously people at fashion shows, gallery openings, etc etc are going to look good! It's seeing real people doing ordinary things (and looking good while doing it) that makes sites like these so exciting...and StockHolm Streetstyle does exactly that.

*Pictures from Stockholm Streetstyle


StockholmStreetStyle Crew said...

We're glad you like our site! Thanks for all the fine words! We take our pics in Stockholm and its the capitol of Sweden and all our texts are in Swedish. But we're acctually considering having a translation in english in every post soon.

The texts are small interviews with the people we photograph. With questions like: What are you wearing today?, Describe your style?, What/who inspires you? What was your latest purchase? Favorite stores/brands?

So now you now ;)
Be sure to visit us again!

Hej då! (bye bye!)

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