Monday, July 23, 2007

Get It: Heritage 1981

Now that I am back in Guilderland I no longer have endless boutiques and stores available to me as they were in NYC. But I will not fret, for I have discovered a lil gem amongst a pile of bleak and dusty stones here in Guilderland: Heritage 1981...also known to some as the men's department of Forever 21.

I almost never come out of "Heritage" empty handed, which isn't at all a bad thing considering their ridiculously low prices. Catch a sale and you might find yourself the new owner of incredibly stylish $11 jeans, $5 button downs, and $3 tees.

They update their website every day so I wasn't able to post my most favorite, but here are some pieces that I enjoy:

Tee $14, Jeans $30, Cardigan $15, Vest $19

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