Monday, July 23, 2007

Paper Send Off

Friday was my last day at Paper and I cannot even begin to describe how fast time went! It is hard to believe I was there for a full two months. Like most people who spend a good chunk of time in NYC; I got hooked! I definitely would like to move there post college and starting today I will be accepting applications for roommates, interested?

My final days at Paper (that sounds so depressing) were very busy. I am glad I was able to work within the Marketing dept bc they almost always had something for me to do. I finished up a hefty project in which I compiled a binder full of Paper invites for the Marketing dept's use in meetings with clients. Friday was also Blaire's last day, or who I like to call "the face of Paper" (check out the link for my reasoning)....I told her I would not be upset if she stole my 'last day thunder'. I also got to check out the photos from the two day photoshoot I worked with Bill Durgin. The images are amazing and I'll be sure to link you when they come out. At the end of the day I had a good send off that wrapped up the experience quite nicely.

Friday night I celebrated my last day in NYC by going to a Paper TV party at Orchard Bar. Very crowded, but I was glad to see all of the lovely Paper people one last time before I left. I was interviewed by Emily for Paper TV and if I make an appearance I'll be sure to link you here.

Now I am back in Guilderland for the remainder of the summer, but I have good news! I have full intent on updating this blog, even though its primary purpose was to record my experience as an intern. If you haven't already noticed I have started a bunch of new features including "What I'm Diggin", "Get It", and "It's OVER!".

So keep checking back often!

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