Monday, October 1, 2007

Get It: Verizon's Juke, Pearl, Venus, and Voyager

In just a few weeks Verizon will be blitzing the cell phone market by simultaneously releasing 4 new phones, and I am surprisingly impressed with all four! The first is called the Samsung Juke and will have 2GB storage along with a swivel opener. Second is the very cool looking "new variety" Pearl. Next to that is the Venus slider or the LG VX8800, which will be pretty similar to the Chocolate except it will have two touch sensitive screens and a very sleek design. Lastly is the creme de la creme of the bunch, called the LG Voyager / LG VX10000, which is basically a totally sleek and slimer version of the Verizon EnV, equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, and a large external touchscreen.

The links include additional information for all four phones.

*Pictures and information from Engadget Mobile

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